Parent Communication

Parent/ Guardian Policy E. 1.0

Policy: Power School and Parent/ Guardian Communication

Power School

Parents are encouraged to follow student progress through the Power School system. Student homework, grades, and test scores can be reviewed on-line 24 hours a day through Power School on the internet. Power School assists parents to track students’ progress and stay informed.  Power School also provided a direct link to teacher email directly using Power School. Power School can also be accessed through the school website.

To access your student’s information on the internet, you will need the following information:

  1. The website location:
  2. Your Username
  3. Your Password

User name and password information is distributed to parents during the School Orientation, Back to School Night, and by contacting the main office.

Parent/ Guardian Communication

Green Dot Public School believes that the communication between parents/guardians and the school is integral to the success of a student.  Parents can expect that all communication will receive a response within 48 hours or two (2) school days.

School – Home Communication

Teachers Contacting Parents by Phone

Expect regular phone calls from teachers regarding your child’s progress.  If you do not hear from one of your child’s teachers, do not assume your child is doing satisfactory work.  The only way to assure your child is on track is to communicate with your child’s teachers by phone, email, or by scheduling an appointment.

Automated Communication System

Staff members and/or parent volunteers call home on a regular basis to inform parents of school events and to discuss specific issues regarding individual students.  The school may also use an automated calling or email system to remind parents of schedule changes, holidays, or other important announcements (e.g., student absences or truancy).  Please make sure that you provide the office with the phone number and email that is best for receiving such communication. Should you wish to change this contact number or email address during the school year, please provide the office with the change in writing.

School Correspondence

School bulletins, monthly calendars, flyers and letters from the Principal are sent home with students or mailed on a regular basis.  Please ask your child or check your mail for school correspondence in order to keep informed of what is happening at school.

Home- School Communication

Change of Contact Information

Parents will be asked at the beginning of each school year to provide the school with current contact and emergency information. If your contact information changes during the school year (including all telephone numbers), it is the responsibility of each parent/guardian to provide the Main Office with this new information in writing.  The school cannot assume responsibility for missed communications in the event that the contact information is misreported or not updated by the parent or guardian.

Parents Contacting Teachers

All teachers and staff members have email accounts where they can be easily contacted. From Power School, parent may click on the teacher’s name on your student’s web page to send an email. Parents may also email or message teachers directly through ParentSquare. Parent may also contact teachers by leaving a message with the main office.

Messages and deliveries to students

Students may not use the office telephones except for school business or emergencies approved by the administration.  In an effort to limit classroom disturbances, staff will only deliver urgent messages to students during the instructional periods.

Rev. 06/2023

Parent/ Guardian Policy   E. 2.0 

Policy:  Academic Conferences and Parent Notifications

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

Green Dot Public Schools commits to good communication between home and school. When a student experiences academic difficulties, or whenever it becomes evident to the teacher that the student is in danger of failing a course, a parent conference (a meeting with parents/guardians and an administrator or team of teachers) is scheduled with the student to identify areas of difficulty and possible strategies for remediation. An action plan that aims to meet the needs of the students will be formulated at that meeting.

In addition, parent conferences scheduled at the completion of the first and third quarters, provide an important opportunity to evaluate each student’s progress (schools will set individual dates). Progress reports from the first and third quarter will be reviewed at conferences and parents will be provided with academic updates.


Progress Reports

Progress reports will be mailed home at the end of the first and third quarter. Progress reports are not final and indicate a student’s performance to-date in the semester.


Report Cards

Report cards will be issued at the conclusion of each semester. Report cards will be mailed home and include final grades that will be reflected on a student’s high school transcript.


Right to Ask for Teacher Qualifications

All parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of classroom teachers and/or paraprofessionals.


School Accountability Report Card

A hard copy of the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) will be made available upon request at the school site. It is posted annually on the school website.


Rev. 06/2022


Parent/ Guardian Policy E. 3.0

Policy:  Parent/Guardian Volunteer Hours

Green Dot recommends that parents/guardians volunteer for 35 hours at their child’s school each school year.  Students may serve these hours on behalf of the parents/guardians. Green Dot appreciates your participation and will attempt to match your interests and skills with applicable projects or tasks.

For parents/guardians of students on multiple campuses, Green Dot recommends that volunteer hours be balanced between the campuses.

Hours may be set up with the school office or completed in one or more of many volunteering opportunities such as:

  • office support;
  • school and special events (e.g., Back-to-School Night, Open House);
  • fundraising activities;
  • breakfast and lunch distribution;
  • field-trip assistance and supervision;
  • arrival and dismissal supervision; and/or
  • leadership activities such as serving as the parent representative for the School Advisory Council or PTSA, or participating in other school committees.

Other possible volunteer activities that can support your child academically include:

  • classroom visits;
  • classroom support;
  • tutoring support; and/or
  • serving as a mentor.

Green Dot Public Schools appreciates your participation as a parent volunteer and will make every attempt to match your interests and skills with projects or tasks with which you are comfortable.

Students will not be prohibited from initial or continued enrollment, or participating in any educational activity as a result of failing to satisfy the recommended volunteer hours.

Rev. 06/2018

Parent/ Guardian Policy E. 4.0

Policy: Student Privacy and Parent/ Guardian Volunteer Confidentiality

Green Dot Public Schools expects all parent volunteers who learn information about Green Dot students while volunteering for Green Dot to to keep this student information confidential. The U.S. Congress has addressed the privacy-related concerns of educators, parents/guardians, and students by enacting the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (known more commonly as “FERPA” or the “Buckley Amendment”). Among other provisions, FERPA allows the government to withdraw federal funds from any educational institution, which reveals a student’s personal information, including education and/or personal records, without their parent/guardian’s specific written consent.

Green Dot Public Schools’ parent volunteers must refer all questions about a student’s personal information, including grades, contact information, parent/guardian’s contact information and student progress, to authorized school employees. Volunteers may not share information about a student even with members of their own family or the student’s family.

Rev. 06/2023

Parent/ Guardian Policy E. 5.0

Policy:  Parent / Guardian Volunteer Background Checks and Tuberculosis (TB) Clearances

Before beginning any volunteer services at the school, all volunteers must complete the volunteer onboarding process, which includes completing the Green Dot Volunteer application available in Workday through Human Resources. The criminal background check and TB clearance portions of the onboarding process are described below.

Background Checks

One of Green Dot’s foremost values is the safety of students and staff. In accordance with California law and in keeping with such values, all parent volunteers and visitor volunteers who interact with students, outside of the immediate supervision and control of the student’s parent or guardian or a school employee, must be fingerprinted for a criminal background check completed through and provided by the appropriate state agency(ies) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The cost of the procedure may be borne by the volunteer.

Conditions that preclude volunteering at Green Dot include, but are not limited to, conviction of any controlled substance offense, conviction of a sex offense, or conviction of a serious or violent felony. If a volunteer who works in close proximity with students is found at a Green Dot school location without a criminal background clearance, they will be sent home and prohibited from continuing volunteering with Green Dot until such clearance is obtained. Additionally, should a volunteer be convicted of a controlled substance offense, sex offense, or serious or violent felony during their volunteer period with Green Dot, the volunteer must immediately report such a conviction to their immediate supervisor.

Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance

Volunteers are required to have on file a certificate showing the volunteer submitted a Tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment and, if TB risk factors were identified, the volunteer was examined and found to be free of TB infections, if the volunteer’s functions require or include frequent or prolonged contact with students. If no risk factors were identified, an examination is not required. The cost of the risk assessment may be borne by the volunteer. If a volunteer whose functions require or include frequent or prolonged contact with students is found at a Green Dot location without a TB risk assessment, they will be sent home and prohibited from continuing volunteering with Green Dot until such clearance is obtained.

Documentation of volunteer compliance with TB risk assessment/exams will be kept on file with Green Dot’s Human Resources Department or other appropriate designated office/department. Any entity providing student services that require or include frequent or prolonged contact with students will be contractually required to ensure that all contract workers have had TB testing that shows them to be free of active TB prior to conducting work with Green Dot students.

Rev. 06/2023

Conflict Resolution

Policy:  Conflict Resolution – Parents/ Guardians

The Green Dot Public Schools Principal is responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of the school.  Occasionally, a parent or guardian may make a request and/or have an issue or grievance that they believe is not being addressed consistent with the philosophy of the school, its policies and procedures.  If this occurs, it is the responsibility of both parties to address the concerns or issues in a constructive dialogue.  The grievance process has a maximum of three steps, but resolution may be reached at any step in the process identified.

Step One

The parent/guardian presents the issue to staff member with whom they have the conflict.  The staff member should address the grievance, attempt to resolve it, and give the parent/guardian a decision within a reasonable amount of time (ten school days).

Step Two

If the response given by the staff member seems unreasonable to the parent/guardian, they should then request a meeting with the Principal.  Following a review of the request and an investigation of the issue, a meeting will be scheduled with involved parties.  After considering the contents of the complaint, information collected during the investigation, and information clarified during the meeting, a decision will be communicated in writing to all involved parties.

Step Three

If the response given by the principal seems unreasonable, they should then submit request a meeting with the Green Dot Area Superintendent overseeing the school.  Following a review of the request and an investigation of the issue, a meeting will be scheduled with involved parties.  After considering the contents of the appeal letter, information collected during the investigation, and information clarified during the meeting, a decision will be communicated in writing to all involved parties. If the complaint is about the Principal, the complainant may file his or her complaint in a signed writing to Green Dot’s Chief Academic Officer ([email protected] or 323-565-1600) or designee, who may conduct a fact-finding or authorize a third party investigator on behalf of Green Dot.  The Chief Academic Officer or designee, or investigator, will report his or her findings to Green Dot for review and action, if necessary.

For additional information, refer to the Uniform Complaint Procedures described in C. 16.0 of the Student Policy Manual.


Rev. 06/2021

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