Green Dot Public Schools California Strategic Plan

Reimagine 2025

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed how we approach education. But this also makes now the best moment to pivot and reimagine how our schools can better serve all students and families. Our plan to reimagine what is possible for our schools and the scholars we serve is outlined in our Reimagine 2025 strategic plan. 

Reimagine 2025 includes nine areas that are crucial to the education and wellbeing of our scholars. When we announced this strategic plan in 2021, we evaluated what our students needed most in their pursuit of success in college, leadership, and life. Reimagine 2025 presents a new standard for our schools and mission. It’s designed to be the foundation of every move, every initiative, and every change our network will make to ensure our scholars receive the very best. 

While the last few years have been far from easy, we have been reminded of the power of collaboration and of putting our scholars at the center of every decision we make. Even in the most difficult times, our schools have been recognized by external partners as high-quality public schools that are unlocking our students’ endless potential. 

Thank you for your support in helping us to Reimagine 2025.