And the Fifth Annual Golden Dot Award Winners Are…

Golden Dot Awards

On March 18, 2017, eight Golden Dot Awards were given to staff who exemplify Green Dot Public Schools’ Core Values. The Golden Dot Awards highlighted educators and staff who demonstrate exceptional teaching, school leadership and support for our schools.

The night’s awardees were selected from our more than 1,300 inspiring teachers, staff and administrators who serve Green Dot’s 13,500 students across California, Tennessee and Washington State.

A special thank you to our generous event sponsors and the individuals who made The Fifth Annual Golden Dot Awards a success!

Assistant Principal of the Year

Golden Dot Award

Wendy Perez, Ánimo Phillis Wheatley Charter Middle School

“The Dotties provides a moment where we can bring together staff from across our schools and teams to celebrate our achievements as a Green Dot family.”

Education Support Professional of the Year

Michael Ashe, Ánimo James B. Taylor Charter High School

“It’s an honor to serve our students and I am grateful to have the opportunity to do so every time I arrive to Ánimo James B. Taylor. There are people who put their trust in me to work hard and to do my best every day. Productive days equal a successful future.”

Golden Dot Award

Rookie Teacher of the Year

Katia Victoria, Ánimo Florence-Firestone

Rising Star Teacher of the Year

School Service Employee of the Year (Home Office Employee)

Green Dot Awards

James Deavoll, Development

“The remarkable thing about the Dotties is just how much collaboration invariably becomes the unplanned theme of the night. From all the people who work to make it happen to the involvement of sponsors to the cheering squads for nominees; from the students on stage to the genuine appreciation that everyone has for their teams and colleagues. The whole event really drives home just how uniquely collaborative and supportive Green Dot is.”

Counselor of the Year

Jorge Dominguez, Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School

“I have been fortunate for the last nine years to work with some of the most passionate individuals, whether they be teachers, school staff, administrator, or counselors. We share in our moments of glory and our shortcomings. It is all for our students, and to see all our efforts come to fruition in the form of our students’ success, makes it all worth it.”

Golden Dot Award

Teacher of the Year

Principal of the Year

Golden Dot Awards

Tiana Diggs, Ánimo James B. Taylor Charter Middle School

“The Dotties symbolize the fruits of our labor. It feels good to know that your hard work did not go unrecognized!”

Photos from the Fifth Annual Golden Dot Awards

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