Meet Our Principal

Dear Oscar De La Hoya Ánimo (ODLHÁ) Charter High School Community,

It is an honor to serve as principal of such a passionate and giving community. ODLHÁ is committed to serving each student by driving our mission of preparing all students for college, leadership, and life and providing the support necessary for students to feel safe and cared for by each one of our team members on campus. We are proud to continue to highlight that our school is among the top 10% of high schools as published by the U.S. News and World Report’s Best High Schools Ranking.

Our attitude of resilience is an integral characteristic of each one of our stakeholders – students, parents, staff, community partners. We will continue to strive regardless of the obstacles. The ODLHÁ family continues to come together to ensure our students receive the best education.  

With gratitude,

Robert Pambello


Robert Pambello

Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students. 

You may view these instructions on how to contact people through PowerSchool.

First Name Last Name Position
Angel Aleman School Operations Manager
Joseph Anderson Biology Teacher
Nancy Andrade Math Teacher
Jesse Berumen Resource Specialist Teacher
Terry Brooks English Teacher
Marina Capetillo Special Education Teacher
Suzy Chavez Counselor
Johnny Contreras Campus Aide/Security Guard
Marinela Cortez Chemistry Teacher
Daisy Diaz Math Teacher
Sarah Flores English Teacher
Jesus Flores Social Science Teacher
Veronica Galang Physics Teacher
Martha Gladin English Teacher
Eric Gofen Math Teacher
Desiree Guzman Math Teacher
Yael Jimenez Social Science Teacher
Wonhee Jung Math Teacher
Kim Kawaratani College Readiness Teacher
Susan Kim Assistant Principal
Jessica Lopez English Teacher
Diana Marin-Isaac Special Education Teacher
Elizabeth Martinez Parent Coordinator
Sandra Ochoa-Rivera Spanish Teacher
Robert Pambello Principal
Sarah Perales English Teacher
Juan Perez Spanish Teacher
Yvonne Pruitt Social Science Teacher
Edgar Ramos Spanish Teacher
Rebeca Renteria Office Assistant
Luz Reynozo Assistant Principal
Kris Sandeen-Barboza Biology Teacher
Perry Shields English Teacher
Monica Tello Resource Specialist Teacher
Quintan Valles English Teacher
Marlon Venegas Physical Education Teacher
Albert Vidal Campus Aide/Security Guard
Jackie Villalpando Counselor
Manuel Zarate English Teacher