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Welcome to Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy!

In 2008, Green Dot Public Schools joined with teachers, parents and the community to transform Alain LeRoy Locke High School, one of the most persistently low-achieving schools in California, and split it into several small, safe, personalized learning academies. Today, the Locke Family consists of two Academies, one serving 9th-10th graders and the other serving 11th-12th grades.

In addition to a rigorous college-prep curriculum, Locke students have the opportunity to play on athletics teams or in our world-class band. Students also have access to innovative science and technology programming. We want our students to cultivate skills and qualities that prepare them for success in college and life beyond.

Our students grow into leaders who are ready to achieve. We believe it's up to us to provide the kind of high quality, public education that can get them where they need to go.

Student success isn't a destination --it's a journey that begins as soon as a student walks through the doors of Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy. When you join the Locke Family, you become part of a 50+ year tradition of high quality public education. Once a Saint, always a Saint.


Dr. Peggy Gutierrez


Office Hours: By appointment only.
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Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students.

You may view these instructions on how to contact people through PowerSchool.

Last Name First Name Position Location
Agustin Hulmaro Senior Ops & Finance Manager C6
Ansari Kaleem Security Coordinator Off Campus
Aragon Angela TPP Job Placement Specialist 302
Arguello Marcelo Campus Security Officer (CSO)
Avila Fernando Algebra I/ Math Foundations Teacher A15
Bakker Sarah Intro to Composition Teacher H9
Baldovinos Jessica EduCare Coordinator B3
Banuelos Jesus TPP Job Placement Specialist/Job Coach 302
Batt Joseph Physics Teacher A23
Bradshaw Tamara Case Manager Off Campus
Burnett Virendia Office Manager 107
Butler Cordiya English 9 204
Castro Maria TPP Clerk 302
Cisneros Adriana ELD I Teacher 117
Contreras- Valdovinos Luis AP Pre-Calculus A20
Crawford Heather Special Education Aide
Cuevas Nancy RSP/SPD Teacher 206
Davis Angelica Special Education Aide
De La Cruz Monica TPP Job Placement Specialist/Job Coach 302
Durham Charles Campus Security Officer (CSO)
Edpao Allan Asst. Principal 11th &12th Grade Culture S8
Enriquez Alejandro World History Teacher 123
Esquivel Felipe Algebra II Teacher A21
Estrada Richard ELD 2 Literacy Teacher A3
Farmer Kaiya RSP/SPD Teacher 202
Figueroa Angel Counselor 10th Grade & 10th Grade ID
Franco Maria School Operations Manager C6
Gambrell Andrew Science Teacher S7
Garcia Delmar Math Teacher 211
Garcia Michael Practical Math/ Science Teacher 105
Gellman Shaun SDP US History Teacher A9
Gibbings Gordon Principal of Academics C7
Ginn Toni Asst. Principal of Culture 9th Grade 220
Gonsales Lorena Office Assistant C6
Gonzalez Elisabeth Case Manager H11
Guardado Lizet Counselor ELD 9th-12th A25A
Guerrero Luis Government | Economics Teacher A7
Guillen Mayra School Operations Associate C6
Gumbs Robert Physical Education Teacher 103
Guthrie Brenna English Teacher 217
Gutierrez Peggy Principal of Culture 109
Gutierrez Vincent Ethnic Studies Teacher 121
Harbeck John RSP/SPD Teacher 216
Hill Tim Music Teacher HDA2
Holt Debra Nurse 125
Jackson Asha Office Assistant 107
Johnson Deon Campus Security Officer (CSO)
Lawson Anthony US History Teacher A4
Leonard Kalem ELA/ Composition Teacher H2
Lopez Jesus Algebra 1 Teacher A14
Lugo Rafael English 12 | College Readiness Teacher H3
Maciel Bertha Spanish Teacher A10
Maldonado-Barrios Bagni Geomety and Math Foundations Teacher 239
Marroquin Italo Adult Transition Teacher H12
Martinez Cynthia School Psychologist, 9th-10th Grade 237A
Martinez Rachel College & Career Specialist B6
Martinez Efrain Visual Art Teacher S6
Martinez-Lopez Alejandro Special Education Aide
McDuffie Larry Special Education Aide
McKellar Megan Asst. Principal Humanties 110A
Mejia- Cabrera Connie Asst. Principal Biliteracy A25A
Mitchell Paulina CCR Teacher 226
Montoya Edgard Campus Security Officer (CSO)
Montoya Steven Chemistry and Physics Teacher 214
Moore Ross Adaptive PE Teacher 103
Morales Jessica Counselor 12th last name K-Z & AT Students S4
Moreno Connie School Psychologist, IDM Program/ AT 111
Moten D'Andre Facilities
Munguia Maria Community School Director B1
Navarro Cruz Student Support Specialist H8
Nevarez Jasmine AP Seminar 205
Nguyen Ngoc Geometry ELD Teacher A22
Nhuc Kim DIS Counselor 110B
Olivares Ivan Chemistry Teacher 208
Orloff Devora English Teacher 237
Perez Brenda Adult Transition Teacher 106
Pio Daniel Geometry Teacher 223
Prieto Jazmine Office Assistant
Ramirez Cesar Registrar C4
Ramirez Belen Asst. Principal STEM and CTE 201
Ramos Ricardo Biology Teacher 210
Reyes Itzel Statistics and AP Calculus Teacher A19
Robinson Karen Community Engagment Liason 107
Rodriguez Mayra ELD I/ Literacy Teacher 121
Rogers Tiffany English 11/ Academic Success Teacher H5
Romero-Ramos Stephen Ethnic Studies 11 Teacher A8
Roowala Zena Clinical Services Manager H11
Saenz Francisco English 10 and AEE Teacher 219
Scruggs Sam Gov | Econ Teacher A5
Shankar Vish Computer Science Teacher S5
Shrewsberry Alexander Asst. Principal of Culture for 10th Grade 201
Silvera Tristan Student Support Specialist 221
Singer Constantine Credit Recovery Teacher S3
Smith Leah TPP Job Placement Specialist 302
Smith Warren SpEd Teacher 235
Solis Joselinn Office Assistant C1
Strong Eric Credit Recovery Teacher S3
Sutton Marquitta English / Expository Reading & Writing Teacher H4
Terrell Zohnice Student Support Specialist 203
Tovar Oscar School Operations Manager 108
Turner Nasia African American Achievement Specialist 241
Turner Jerry Special Education Aide
Ulloa Jaime Practical English/ Social Science Teacher 101
Vance Justin ID Teacher
Velazquez Saul English 9/ Literacy Intervention Teacher H1
Ventura Raquel TPP Special Education Transition Coordinator 302
Villafana Yolanda School Psychologist, 11-12th Grade A25
Volz Chloe CCR Teacher 233
Wada Ann Marisa Visual Art Teacher S1
Wilson Robena Office Assistant
Winston Andrea Asst. Principal SPED 106A
Wolfson Phil Special Education Program Administrator 111
Wyche Kia Campus Security Officer (CSO)
Whetstone Jann CTE Building and Contructions Teacher S2B
Thompson Lavada Student Support Specialist 203
Rivera Melissa Math Foundations 10 Teacher 225