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Welcome to Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy!

In 2008, Green Dot Public Schools joined with teachers, parents and the community to transform Alain LeRoy Locke High School, one of the most persistently low-achieving schools in California, and split it into several small, safe, personalized learning academies. Today, the Locke Family consists of two Academies, one serving 9th-10 graders and the other serving 11th-12th grades.

In addition to a rigorous college-prep curriculum, Locke students have the opportunity to play on athletics teams or in our world-class band. Students also have access to innovative science and technology programming. We want our students to cultivate skills and qualities that prepare them for success in college and life beyond.

Our students grow into leaders who are ready to achieve. We believe it's up to us to provide the kind of high quality, public education that can get them where they need to go.

Student success isn't a destination --it's a journey that begins as soon as a student walks through the doors of Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy. When you join the Locke Family, you become part of a 50+ year tradition of high quality public education. Once a Saint, always a Saint.


Dr. Peggy Gutierrez


Office Hours: By appointment only.
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Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students.

You may view these instructions on how to contact people through PowerSchool.

Last Name First Name Position Location
Adent Cynthia Special Education Aide
Allen Johnta Campus Aide/Security Guard
Anzelmi Sarah ELA Teacher
Araque Miguel Campus Aide/Security Guard
Arguello Marcelo Campus Aide/Security Guard
Avila Fernando Math Teacher
Batt Joe Physics Teacher
Brown Paula Special Education Teacher
Burnett Virendia Office Manager Support Office 107
Cisneros Adriana ELD Teacher
Clark George Special Education Aide
Contreras Valdovinos Luis Math Teacher
Crawford Heather Special Education Aide (SDP)
Cuevas Nancy Special Education Teacher
Davidson Kourtney Special Education Teacher
Davis Angelica Special Education Aide
Del Hoyo Roberto Art Teacher
Dhanraj Chelsea Social Studies Teacher
Diaz Joseph Biology Teacher
Diaz Angie Social Science Teacher
Durham Charles Campus Aide/Security Guard
Edpao Allan Assistant Principal S3
Esquivel Felipe Math Teacher
Estrada Richard ELD Teacher
Evans Julie Special Education Teacher
Fernandez Lydia Counselor A25A
Franco Maria School Operations Manager Welcome Center
Fredrickson Bridget Assistant Principal S3
Galicia Jorge Campus Aide/Security Guard
Garcia Jason Special Education Teacher
Garcia Michael Special Education Teacher
Gellman Shaun Special Education Teacher
Ginn Toni Assistant Principal 220
Gonzalez Dalila Counselor 218
Green Ron Assistant Principal G11
Guerrero Luis Social Science Teacher
Guillen Mayra Office Assistant Welcome Center
Gumbs Robert Physical Education Teacher
Guthrie Brenna English Teacher
Gutierrez Peggy Principal of Culture Support Office 107
Hawkins Holly Special Education Aide (CBI)
Henrie Richard Special Education Aide
Igboke Clara Instructional Aide
In Eric Chemistry Teacher
Johnson Deon Campus Aide/Security Guard
Jones Sybil Math Teacher
Jordan Rakiah Resource Specialist Teacher
Jordan Ravannise Special Education Aide
Juarez Fuertes Judy Resource Specialist Teacher
Kendrick Alette Social Science Teacher
Landix David Math Teacher
Lawson Anthony History Teacher
Leonard Kalem English Teacher
Lindsey Jennifer Special Education Teacher
Lopez Jesus Math Teacher
Lugo Rafael English Teacher
Maciel Bertha Spanish Teacher
Maldonado Barrios Bagni Math Teacher
Manzo Marcela Special Education Aide
Marquez Daniel Special Education Aide
Marroquin Italo Special Education Teacher
Martinez Efrain Special Education Aide
Martinez Jorge Counselor S4
Martinez-Lopez Alejandro Special Education Aide
Mata-Rodriguez Joanna Parent Coordinator Parent Center 108
McDuffie Larry Special Education Aide
McKinney Jacoby Campus Aide/Security Guard
Mejia Karen Office Assistant
Montoya Edgard Campus Aide/Security Guard
Moody Michael Student Support Specialist
Morales Jessica Counselor S4
Morales Claudia Instructional Aide
Morfin Lopez Yesmin Spanish Teacher
Navarro Pedro Spanish Teacher
OConnor Brian Music Teacher
Orr Vernita Campus Aide/Security Guard
Osaseri Eloghosa English Teacher
Perez Brenda Special Education Teacher
Ramirez Cesar Enrollment and Diagnostic Center Associate Enrollment Center
Ramirez Belen Assistant Principal 222
Ramos Ricardo Biology Teacher
Reyes Itzel Math Teacher
Rios Rios Rios Rios
Robinson Dexter African American Achievement Specialist
Rodriguez Mayra ELD Teacher
Rodriguez Delmi English Teacher
Rogers Tiffany Special Education Teacher
Saenz Francisco English Teacher
Salas Gamez Federico Special Education Teacher
Salazar Javier Physical Education Teacher
Scruggs Sam Social Science Teacher
Shaaban Tracy Biology Teacher
Shankar Vish Physics Teacher
Shrewsberry Alexander Special Education Teacher
Sichmeller Daniel English Teacher
Singer Constantine Advance Path Lead Teacher
Strong Eric Math Teacher
Sutton MarQuitta English Teacher
Takanashi Ray Math Teacher
Tellez Raquel Office Assistant Support Office 107
Turner Jerry Special Education Aide
Ulloa Jaime Special Education Teacher
Vance Justin Instructional Aide
Vecino Agustin Assistant Principal S3
Vega Hector Social Science Teacher
Velazquez Saul ELA Teacher
Ventura Linda Spanish Teacher
Villanueva Steve Counselor S4
Vita Kiese English Teacher
Volz Chloe English Teacher
Wada Ann-Marisa Art Teacher
Watson Blain Principal of Academics
Wyche Markia Campus Aide/Security Guard