We're providing digital learning & devices for every student. Our schools will continue distance learning through at least October 9, 2020.

Aprendizaje digital y dispositivos para cada estudiante. Nuestras escuelas continuarán el aprendizaje a distancia hasta al menos el 9 de octubre de 2020.

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Animo Westside Charter Middle School

5456 McConnell Avenue
Playa Vista, CA 90066

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Phone: (323)-565-3251

A Message from the Principal

At Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School, our mission is to prepare students for college, leadership, and life through innovative instruction, a rigorous curriculum, and the use of the cutting-edge technology. Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School is committed to the education, development, and socioeconomic success of students who historically have been unlikely to attend and excel at an institution of higher learning.

We achieve our mission through a thoroughly student-centered environment that fosters life-long learning, cross-cultural competency, social responsibility, and academic excellence. We align the efforts of family, community, and school to foster these values.

-- Principal Mack Mossett 


Mack Mossett



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Area Superintendent

Damon Hands


(323) 565-1600

President & CEO, Green Dot Public Schools California
Dr. Cristina de Jesus

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Ms. Smith’s 7th Period

Big Waves to Ms. Smith’s 7th period for 100% cameras on!!!

Latest updates from Ánimo Westside

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    COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shift in education, but while the pandemic has created many new challenges, it has also inspired our schools to innovate and develop new ways to serve our students, families, and communities. As we head into the ... read more
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  • How This School Put My Son Back on a Path to College
    Over the past three years Myriam Aguirre’s son Eros, has developed a strong work ethic, gained confidence, and found success in subjects he once found difficult. Aguirre attributes her son’s growth to Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School‘s (WMS) commitment to meeting students where they are. Before attending WMS, Eros lacked the mathematical knowledge to successfully engage with ... read more
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  • EDVISION: SUCCESS Coaching a Win-Win for SOE Counseling Students, Partner Schools
    As the only counselor at Ánimo Charter Westside Middle School, Mariela Vidaurrazaga (MA ’07) is unable to meet individually with every student. “My focus tends to be on the ones who are in crisis, as well as making sure that our eighth-grade students are on track to graduate,” Vidaurrazaga explains. “But adolescence can be a challenging time, ... read more
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  • I Am Black History: Why and How We Must Contribute to the Pages of All Our Students Stories
    By: Simyona Bryant, English teacher at Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School As I think about Black History Month, I remember a drawing of this little brown lady with long, black hair. It was hand drawn by one of my students and it read: “The first day I walked into this [room], ... read more
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  • ‘The Best of Bill Gates’ by Adam Russell
    This piece was part of the Ánimo Voices Competition, which invited students to write about innovators, upstanders, visionaries, or rebels that have made a difference in their local or broader communities. The competition was an opportunity to motivate, recognize, and celebrate our strong student voices through writing and art. The Best of Bill Gates by Adam Russel, 8th grader, Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School     ... read more
    Green Dot Public Schools BlogPublished on 04/27/2018

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Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School

5456 McConnell Avenue
Playa Vista, CA 90066

Phone: (323) 565-3251

Principal: Mack Mossett