Promotional Requirements

Promotion Requirements

Middle school students (grades 6 - 8) are required to participate in the educational and academic classes offered in the areas of English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.   The Green Dot promotion policy ensures that each child is prepared to progress successfully through grade levels in order to prepare for success in high school, college, leadership and life.

  • Attendance: In adherence with the Green Dot Attendance Policy, any student who misses more than 15 days in a semester may not earn promotion ceremony/activity privileges. 
  • Course Grades: Students who fail one or two courses per school year may be required to pass summer school to qualify for promotion. 

The administration reserves the right to review special cases and allow consideration to be given.

Promotion Ceremony Participation Requirements

Paid All Debts

All debts including books, lunch, lanyards, and uniforms must be paid in full. Discipline: In good behavior standing (cannot be on a behavior tracker), not received a referral within 5 days of an activity, no suspensions. Grades: Students may not have an F's and must have a minimum GPA of 1.0. Attendance: In adherence with the Green Dot Attendance Policy, any student who misses more than 15 days in a semester may not earn promotion ceremony/activity privileges.


Student must be in good standing, according to discipline policy, and activity requirement.  Please refer to discipline policy on page 13-22


Students may not have any Fs and must have a minimum GPA of 1.0

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Other Policies

Student & Staff Interaction Policy from Green Dot's Employee Code of Conduct >>
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Uniform Policy

Students are to concentrate on cleanliness, neatness, good taste, and safety. The regulations listed below are to be observed by all students at all times.  Any violation of the following uniform policies may result in parent contact to correct the violation.

Belts. Must be a standard width belt, and it must be properly worn at waist level. Belts may be webbed, braided or leather. Belts and belt buckles may not have logos, studs, chains or initials.

Footwear. Dress shoes or tennis shoes. All footwear must have closed toes and closed heels.  No house shoes, slippers, or sandals of any kind are allowed.

Backpacks and Bags. Absolutely no hand writing or drawings may be on backpacks and bags.  All content for manufactured bags must be school appropriate and positive in messaging.

Hair that is neat, clean, appropriate for school, and fixed in such a way that it does not hang in the face or distracts from student learning.

Headwear.  No hats, bandanas, beanies, wave caps, or visors are allowed on campus.  Students may not wear their hoods inside the school building.  Girls may wear ribbons, rubber bands, barrettes, or headbands.  No sweatbands are allowed on wrists or heads

Jackets/Coats/Sweatshirts.  Must be all navy blue with NO writing, emblems or logos of any kind except Ánimo Jefferson Middle School.

Pants/Shorts. Only trouser-style khaki pants/shorts are to be worn. Trousers are to be worn at least ankle length but not touching the ground. The hem must not be frayed or ripped and sweat pants are not allowed. It is not permissible to cut the leg seam. Shorts must reach the top of the knee in length (or must reach beyond the fingertips of the student with his/her arms at their side).  Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist, not at the hip.

Shirts. Only navy blue, collared shirts are to be worn. The only approved logo or name is that of Ánimo Jefferson   Middle School. All shirts must be tucked in at all times during school hours (while on campus). When both hands are raised, the shirt must be long enough to remain tucked. Undershirts must be white, navy blue, black, grey, or yellow, and must be worn under the shirt, not over the shirt.

Skirts/Skorts. Khaki skirts/skorts must be the appropriate size and must fall just above the student’s kneecaps.

Tights/Leggings.  Only solid white, black, navy blue or beige may be worn under skirts of the appropriate length. Leggings must be solid colors with no patterns or holes of any size including fishnets. Leggings may not be used as pants.

Sweaters/sweatshirts. V-neck pullover, crew-neck pullover or cardigan in solid navy blue may be worn. All sweaters must be worn with a uniform shirt underneath.

Spirit Shirt Fridays

All Bulldogs are encouraged to wear their school spirit shirts on Fridays.  Students may wear the school spirit shirt with khakis, even if students have not earned Free Dress.

Free Dress Days

The Principal authorizes and approves all Free Dress Days. They may reflect a particular holiday and/or theme; however, the following guidelines are to be observed on all Free Dress Days:

1.  Boys and girls are permitted to wear casual pants, including clean and un-torn jeans.

2.  Boys and girls are permitted to wear T-shirts, sweatshirts or other casual shirts/blouses provided they are modest and do not make reference to drugs, alcoholic beverages, taverns, offensive activities or hard rock concerts, etc. “Double meaning” T-shirts are not permitted. At no time for boys and girls are midriff T-shirts, sweatshirts or other casual shirts/blouses to be worn as well as clothing that exposes the midriff (stomach/waist).

3.  Girls may wear casual slacks, skirts, shorts and skorts and appropriate blouses. Skirts and skorts are not permitted if they are shorter than the uniform skirts and skorts.

4.  Sandals are not permitted for either boys or girls.

5.  Neither boys nor girls are permitted to wear caps or hats.

6.  Any student, who has doubt about what to wear, should simply not wear it.

*In order to earn Free Dress privileges, a student must have not received a dresscode demerit on liveschool for that week. Demerits can be given for improper uniform, untucked shirt, wrong color undershirt, hood.

 Clothing for Dances

The Free Dress Day guidelines are to be followed for all informal dances. For formal dances, appropriate clothing is required. Formal dresses must be mid-thigh or longer.  Clothing must not reveal undergarments.  Slits anywhere on the dress cannot be higher than the thumbs when hands are kept at the side.  Formal attire includes tuxes, suits, or dress pants with a suit coat.  A long sleeve collared dress shirt with a tie must at least be worn.  Dress pants must be long.  No cut-offs, shorts, or sweat suits. If a student is not dressed in appropriate formal dance attire, the student will be sent home and no refunds will be given.


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