Ánimo Western Staff

Staff Directory

Office Hours
First Name Last Name Position Email
Carlos Donoso School Operations Manager carlos.donoso@animo.org
Daisy Contreras Special Education Aide daisy.contreras@animo.org
Nancy Romano Office Assistant nancy.romano@animo.org
Kayla Cahoon History Teacher kayla.cahoon@animo.org
Marcus Reynolds Assistant Principal marcus.reynolds@animo.org
Ambar Robledo Math Teacher ambar.robledo@animo.org
Michael Satterlie Special Education Aide michael.satterlie@animo.org
Sonja Johnson Principal sonja.johnson@animo.org
Margarita Faynerman Life Science Teacher margarita.faynerman@animo.org
Amanda Pfeiffer Math Teacher amanda.pfeiffer@animo.org
Angel Beatley Math Teacher angel.beatley@animo.org
Vanessa Moya Special Education Aide vanessa.moya@animo.org
Errol Palmer Campus Aide/Security Guard errol.palmer@animo.org
Grace Cordero Social Science Teacher grace.cordero@animo.org
Matthew Morrish English Teacher matthew.morrish@animo.org
Jessica Turner-Hernandez English Teacher jessica.thernandez@animo.org
Brenda Armenta Science Teacher brenda.armenta@animo.org
Luisa Lopez Science Teacher luisa.lopez@animo.org
Muy Ngo Resource Specialist Teacher muy.ngo@animo.org
Thuylinh Brown Math Teacher thuylinh.ho@animo.org
Florie Nufio Special Education Aide florie.nufio@animo.org
Gene Jackson Campus Aide/Security Guard gene.jackson@animo.org
Brenda Garcia Science Teacher brenda.garcia@animo.org
Zsetaun Griffith Resource Specialist Teacher zsetaun.griffith@animo.org
Samantha Diego English Teacher samantha.diego@animo.org
Adrian Garcia Campus Aide/Security Guard adrian.garcia@animo.org
Jessica Murillo Special Education Aide jessica.murillo@animo.org
Tianna Williams Counselor tianna.williams@animo.org
Eileen Reyes Counselor eileen.reyes@animo.org
Wendy Mencos Chicas Physical Education Teacher wendy.mencos@animo.org
Alycia Jones Math Teacher alycia.jones@animo.org
Office Hours

Office Hours are from 3:30pm to 4:30pm unless stated otherwise

Horas de oficina son de 3:30pm to 4:30pm a menos que se indique lo contrario.

**Mon.(lunes); Tues.(martes); Thurs. (jueves); By Appointment (con cita)**

Teacher Course Room # Days and Times Email
Ahumada SDP Math 6/8 66 Tues/ Thurs  eusebio.ahumada@animo.org
Anebere SDP Science 58 Tuesday nkemakonam.anebere@animo.org
Armenta  Science 6/ 7 61 By Appointment Mon./Tues. brenda.armenta@animo.org
Beatley Math 8/Alg 48 Teacher Website www.msbeatleysclassroom.weebly.com angel.beatley@animo.org
Brown Math 8 43 By Appointment Thursday thuylinh.brown@animo.org
Cahoon History 6 & 7/Comp 64 Mon / Thurs kayla.cahoon@animo.org
Campos English 6 63 Mon / Thurs gabriela.campos@animo.org
Cordova ELD 36 By Appointment Tuesday antonio.cordova@animo.org
Cricks Read 180 6/7 33 None roberta.cricks@animo.org
Diego ELA 7/Comp 38 Monday samantha.diego@animo.org
Faynerman Science 8 39 Mon or by appointment  margarita.faynerman@animo.org
Felipe Math 6 67 Mon/Tues jeremy.felipe@animo.org
Garcia Science 6 60 Mon/Tues brenda.garcia@animo.org
Griffith SDP ELA 7/8 30 Mon/Thurs zsetuan.griffith@animo.org
Hawkins Read 180  30 By Appointment Monday naqia.hawkins@animo.org
Ishino SDP Math 7/8 66 Tues/Thurs Gian.Ishino@animo.org
Jacobs ELA 6/Drama 62 Tues/Thurs samantha.jacobs@animo.org
Jones Math 7 32 Thursday alycia.jones@animo.org
Kirkpatrick ID 45 Tues/Thurs carolyn.kirkpatrick@animo.org
Lopez Science 7/8 44 Tuesday luisa.lopez@animo.org
McClelland  History 7/8 29 Tuesday brittany.mcclelland@animo.org
Mencos P.E. GYM By Appointment  wendy.mencos@animo.org
Meneses-Sullivan Math 6/7 65 Mon/Thurs briana.sullivan@animo.org
Minhas History 8 47 Tues/Thurs ahsan.minhas@animo.org
Mitchell SDP ELA 30 Mon/Tues paulina.mitchell@animo.org
Morrish ELA 8 40 Thursday matthew.morrish@animo.org
Ngo RSP 6/7 45B Tues/Thurs muy.ngo@animo.org
Pfeiffer Math 6/7 68 Mon/Tues amanda.pfeiffer@animo.org
Policarpo SDP ELA  45B Monday daisy.policarpo@animo.org
Ramirez Math 7 37 By Appointment Monday ambar.ramirez@animo.org
Rojas Math 8 42 By Appointment Thursday maria.rojas@animo.org
Schofield SDP ELA 7/8 46 By Appointment Thursday chloe.schofield@animo.org
Simpson ELA 8 41 Thursday delaina.simpson@animo.org
Smith History 7/Invest 28 Mon/Tues tiffany.smith@animo.org
Turner-Hernandez English 7 34 Tues/Thurs jessica.thernandez@animo.org
Youman ELA 7/8 35 Tues/Thurs te.youman@animo.org

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