Meet Our Principal - Mack Mossett (Interim Principal)

Dear families,

When I talk to parents, I often hear them express the same sentiments in the conversation—every parent wants joy and success for their child. The choice of school that parents and their children make includes much more than neighborhood programs and sports. Everyone wants and deserves a school that can be trusted to build a bright future for students.

What is the right kind of training that can open up a successful future? Our world is changing at a speed that is often difficult to quantify and it is often difficult to see the realities and careers of the future, much less plan for them. An excellent training, however, goes beyond learning the data and algorithms to give each participant the ability to think critically about the world around them. An excellent education includes rigorous courses in which they can participate and prepare for college as well as courses in the arts that promote critical thinking and creativity. An excellent education challenges each student to participate in the challenges of the world and empowers each one to believe in her role in solving these problems. An excellent education connects children as well as adults to themselves and the community and develops life-changing connections that open doors to college, careers and opportunities. And at Ánimo Venice Charter High School, an excellent education awaits your child.


Mack Mossett
Interim Principal,
Animo Venice Charter High School

Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students. 

You may view these instructions on how to contact people through PowerSchool.

First Name Last Name Position
Jessica Abarca Math Teacher
Jorge Albarran Office Assistant
Noah Campbell Social Science Teacher
Kevin Castro Math Teacher
Jessica Cervantes-Hernandez 10th & 12th Grade Counselor
Myron Dickens Campus Aide/Security Guard
John Ely Art Teacher
Juanita Garcia Parent Coordinator
Sharon Gorsich Interim Principal
Alex Greenberg English Teacher
La Vada Hall Instructional Aide
Suz Hebert Clinical Supervisor
Navia Itzia Social Science Teacher
Michelle Jimenez 11th Grade Special Education Teacher
John Kannofsky Art Teacher
Dustin Katch Assistant Principal
Kristy Koenes 9th Grade Special Education Teacher
Greego Landicho School Psychologist
Sarah Lara Science Teacher
Sofia Leal 12th Grade Special Education Teacher
Allison Lee Physics Teacher
Delaney McNeil ELA Teacher
Wendy Mendoza School Operations Manager
America Molina Gym Rental Supervisor
Carol Moreno 9th & 11th Grade Counselor
Carlos Moreno Spanish Teacher
Kelly Park Chemistry Teacher
Amit Patel Biology Teacher
Nicole Pina ELA Teacher
Antonio Raddi Social Science Teacher
Gabriel Rodriguez Physical Education Teacher
Tina Rose 10th Grade Special Education Teacher
Sara Rubin English Teacher
Shazeen Shariff Math Teacher
Cybele Smith Math Teacher
Amber Stone English Teacher
Jonathan Suarez Spanish Teacher
Mary Tang English Teacher