Meet Our Principal

Dear Ánimo Ralph Bunche Friends,

It is an honor to serve every one of our students and families at Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School (ARB) as Principal. My commitment to this community is rooted in our mission: preparing students for college, leadership and life. As an educator, my priority is to ensure our students have access to high quality education in every classroom as they navigate through their academic journey, leading to higher education. My vision is that every ARB graduate returns to his/her community and becomes an agent of change, leading the way and setting great examples for generations ahead.

I am proud to be a contributor to the Green Dot vision in leading academic reform in South Central Los Angeles. Our team of teachers, administrators, and staff is dedicated to fulfilling this vision. We firmly believe in every student’s potential to succeed and work arduously to ensure we provide the necessary resources and support they need to reach success. Our work, however, is not the only contribution to our students’ triumph; parent participation and involvement in their student’s academic journey is a vital contributor to their achievement.

Dr. Ralph Bunche, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1950, said, “Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.” My devout commitment to leading Ánimo Ralph Bunche toward another state of excellence is what makes my heart beat. This is my ideal.

Kim Fuentecilla

Kim Fuentecilla

Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students. 

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First Name Last Name Position
Andrea Albarran Art Teacher
Elizabeth Bay Science Teacher
Alejandra Bermudez Bilingual Aide
Erika Castaneda-Flores Science Teacher
Eve Chino Rios Parent Coordinator
Muaricio Chue Physical Education Teacher
Lauren Cole Math Teacher
Katelyn Cole Math Teacher
Johny Contreras School Culture Associate
Jorge Dominguez-Cardoza Counselor
Kim Fuentecilla Principal
Valeria Garcia Biology Teacher
Brian Gonzalez History Teacher
Svetlana Henderson Chemistry Teacher
Crystal Juarez Special Education Teacher
Edith Landin ELA Teacher
Matthew Lauer Social Science Teacher
Jessica Lazaro Counselor
Deisy Linares Torres Special Education Teacher
Mark Lopez Social Science Teacher
Krista Macanas Math Teacher
Karla Martinez School Operations Associate
Stephanie Montufar Special Education Teacher
Jacqueline Moreno Counselor
Bridgette Navarro Spanish Teacher
Hannah Newaz English Teacher
Brent Nuss College Readiness Teacher
Jeneffer Osorio Spanish Teacher
Dawn Papas Assistant Principal
Stacy Perez English Teacher
Sophia Renteria English Teacher
Leslie Reyes Bilingual Aide
Steve Rivera English Teacher
Pedro Ruvalcaba Spanish Teacher
Amber Sabala English Teacher
Anahi Santana Special Education Teacher
Abi Soto School Operations Manager
Iban Soto Student Support Specialist
Lauren Torchin Math Teacher
Sara Urias Special Education Aide
Lizet Vera Assitant Principal
Todd Wright Physical Education Teacher