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Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School is a free, public charter high school with the mission of preparing all students for College, Leadership, and Life. APB is located in Florence-Firestone, a neighborhood of approximately 60,000 in Los Angeles, California. It is chartered through Los Angeles Unified School District while managed by Green Dot Public Schools, a non-profit organization.


Words from Our Community

"My son is in 11th grade. He's doing very well. I'm very proud of him. When I came here, I met some of the teachers and I talked to the principal, and I see that the school feels secure and small. I really recommend this school."

"Green Dot is a place where students get the support that they need, where we have rigorous instruction happening in every classroom, and we match it with the individualized supports that students need to be successful."



Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School was founded in 2006 by a small group of passionate and reform-minded educators, most of whom had worked together at Locke High School. The school opened its doors at a temporary location at 30th Street and Broadway Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, with 150 ninth graders. APB moved across town to Adams Avenue and Western Avenue in its second year, when it expanded to 300 students. In 2008, APB moved to a permanent facility at its current location at 83rd Street and Beach Street in the Florence-Firestone area of unincorporated Los Angeles County in 2008. APB reached full capacity of 9th-12th grade students in 2009.

Since its founding, APB has maintained an exceptionally high graduation and college matriculation rate, becoming a model of Green Dot Public Schools' success. Its graduates have gone on to attend every college in the University of California system, as well Stanford, USC, Princeton, Yale, and Harvard.


About Green Dot

Green Dot Public Schools is leading the charge to transform public education in Los Angeles and beyond so that all young adults receive the education they deserve to be prepared for college, leadership and life.

Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help transform public education so ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership and life.

Unique in the nation for a major non-profit charter management organization, Green Dot is proving it can achieve better student outcomes with the same student population, lower per pupil funding than the district and a unionized workforce. We are the leading charter school operator in Los Angeles and one of the top three largest in the nation.

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Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School

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Principal: Brian Reed