From South LA to Ivy League: The Official SXSWedu Panel by Green Dot Public Schools


Thousands of education leaders congregated in Austin, Texas for SXSWedu, an annual conference which fosters innovation in education by hosting diverse and energetic stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. Over the 4 days, the education community connects, collaborates, creates and changes how we all teach and learn. Green Dot Public Schools hosted a panel discussion on Tuesday, March 8th.

For Ánimo Pat Brown (APB) alumni Alvaro Quintero and Jose Rodriguez, the panel serves as an opportunity to share their story of transition from high school in South LA to the Ivy League. While at APB, the students both say, they received a college-preparatory curriculum and a structured program of support to get them to college. Counselors, advisors and teachers provided Quintero and Rodriguez with the care and confidence needed to get to the next steps in their academic career.

“Thankfully my teachers were available for me to ask for help when I needed it. Without that I could have had a lot of trouble in classes,” Quintero says. “The support given to me by my teachers and administrators helped me get to where I am now.” Where he is now is at Harvard University, completing his first year.