Support Green Dot California Students

Green Dot must urgently raise $1MM to buy 4,200 Chromebooks and 1,000 hotspots to make distance learning for our students possible.

Enable distance learning for 11,500 Green Dot students in Los Angeles.

With schools closed, lost learning time presents a serious issue for Green Dot students. Many do not have a computer or internet access at home.

Green Dot Public Schools is investing in the technology required to deliver our high-quality education model remotely. We must raise $1MM urgently to equip each student with a computer and internet connectivity. With your support, we will purchase an additional 4,200 Chromebook computers and 1,000 wireless hotspots.

$196 buys a fully-equipped Chromebook and $185 buys a wireless hotspot for a year. A donation of $381 will fully sponsor a student. If you want to have an even greater impact, start a fundraising team and create a giving circle.

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