Meet Our Principal

Dear Ánimo Legacy Families and Supporters,

I am Jasmia Newman, very excited Principal of Ânimo Legacy! I am honored to assume the role as Principal and welcome the charge to make educational equity and anti-racist practices a true reality at Ánimo Legacy. I am thrilled to bring my experience and love of learning to our school community. 

Not only am I excited to work with children, but also I look forward to building a deep relationship with all our stakeholders. I understand middle school can be a time of great change, but it is my hope that with the knowledge and skills of our stakeholders we will be able to navigate that change together as partners in students’ education. 

Despite the troubling times in our world right now, our scholars are very fortunate to be in the presence of positive role models at Ánimo Legacy. The staff at Ánimo Legacy are compassionate, caring, and dedicated. As a way to ensure we foster open communication, build community and stay connected, I want to invite you to stay connected. Check our website, Facebook, Ánimo Legacy Charter Middle School and Instagram, @animolegacy, for quick updates and virtual events. Again, I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve your school community and begin building meaningful relationships to help our scholars grow. Please feel free to reach out and connect with me at any time. I look forward to meeting you all soon. 

Together in the work, 
Jasmia S. Newman 


Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students. 

You may view these instructions on how to contact people through PowerSchool.

First Name Last Name Position
Jasmia Newman Principal
David Matthews 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Molly O'Connell 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Danielle DiVello 7th Grade Assistant Principal
Keisha Robinson 7th Grade Assistant Principal
Ronda Alfred 8th Grade Assistant Principal
Salvador Sevilla 8th Grade Assistant Principal
Mental Health Team
Eliana Sotello School Counselor
Cesar Vidrio School Counselor
Cynthia Garcia School Counselor
Aida Jaramillo 6th Grade School Psychologist
Zuleica Gutierrez 7th Grade School Psychologist
Janeth Hernandez 8th Grade School Psychologist
Clinical Service Supervisor
Danielle Alford English Teacher (Grade 6)
Megan Bristow English Teacher (Grade 7)
Brian Dubriel English Teacher (Grade 8)
Edith Macias ELD Teacher (Grades 6-8)
Othman Ramadan English Teacher (Grade 7)
Tiffany Shivers English Teacher (Grade 7)
Kayla Cahoon History Teacher (Grade 7)
Leatrice Charles History Teacher (Grade 6)
Jason Goble History Teacher (Grade 7)
Brittany McClelland History Teacher (Grade 8)
Jessica Orozco History Teacher (Grade 8)
Shannon Adams-Rangel Math Teacher (Grades 6/7 SDP)
Susana Amezcua Math Teacher (Grade 8)
Chayanne Melwood Math Teacher (Grade 6/7 SDP)
Jessica Jimenez Math Teacher (Grade 6)
Amanda Lo Bello Math Teacher (Grade 8)
Mickey Medrano Math Teacher (Grade 8)
Rene Melendez Math Teacher (Grade 8 SDP)
Jose Mendez Math Teacher (Grade 7)
Ambar Ramirez Math Teacher (Grade 7)
Lashon Steward Math Teacher (Grade 8)
Lizbeth Hernandez Physical Education Teacher
Nkemakonam Ekeke Science Teacher (Grades 6/8 SDP)
Brenda Chavez Science Teacher (Grade 8)
Elizabeth Avila Instructional Aide
Daisy Contreras Special Education Aide
Anthony Dunaway Special Education Aide
Pablo Huezo Special Education Aide
Vanessa Moya Special Education Aide
Antonio Orozco Instructional Aide
Emily Goodlett Special Education Teacher
Tania Ramos Special Education Teacher
Emilia Ayala Resource Specialist Teacher
Valerie Chavez Special Education Program Specialist
Hugo Estrada Special Education Program Administrator
Arlene Vinzon Senior Manager of Operations
Wendy Campo School Operations Manager
Hortencia De Dios Office Assistant
Wendy Hernandez Office Assistant
Fabiola Rodriguez Parent Coordinator
School Culture and Safety
Kim Villatoro School Culture Associate
Jochannan Mitchell School Culture Associate
Opeteia Sula School Culture Associate