Clubs & Activities

Resource Room Location
Room 203

Before School
Wednesday 6:30am - 8:30am
Friday 6:30am - 8:30am
After School
Monday 2:20pm - 5:30pm
Tuesday - Friday: 2:35pm - 5:30pm


Lesly Perez, Site Coordinator

Program Schedule

Academic Enrichment Location Supervisor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Homework Assistance Room 203 arc Staff 6:30 - 8:30am 6:30 - 8:30am
Study Hall Room 203 arc Staff 4:00pm-5:30pm 4:00pm-5:30pm 4:00pm-5:30pm 4:15pm-5:30pm 4:00pm-5:30pm
Leaders Looking Out Room 203 Ms.Campbell 2:45pm-3:45pm
SAT Prep Room 204 Xochitl Corrales 3:00pm-4:00pm 3:00pm-4:00pm
Arc Leadership Club Room 203 Lesly Perez 2:35:3:35 2:45pm-3:45pm
MECHA Room 305 Mr. Morgana 2:45 - 3:45pm
Anime Club Room 316 Ms. Navarro 2:45 - 3:45pm
Cooking Club School Cafeteria Karla Ramirez 3:00pm-4:00pm
Arts and Crafts Room 203 Ms.Lesly 4:00pm-5:00pm
Ceramic Room 203 Ms.Lesly 4:00pm-5:00pm 4:00pm-5:00pm
Sewing Room 203 Ms.Lesly 4:00pm-5:00pm
Korean Club Room 206 Ms. Oh 2:45 - 3:45pm
Stonewall Alliance Room 212 Ms. Ducker 2:45 - 3:45pm
Weight Lifting School Garage Mr.Ignacio 3:00pm-4:30pm 3:00pm-4:30pm 3:00pm-4:30pm
Boxing School Garage Coach 3:00pm-4:00pm
Community Service Room 203 Joanna Ramirez 3:00pm-4:00pm 3:00pm-4:00pm
Basketball School Quad Mr.Ignacio 3:00pm-4:00pm 3:00pm-4:00pm
Drill School quad Bridget-Student 3:00pm-4:00pm
Yoga School Garage Instuctor 3:00pm-4:00pm
Zumba School Garage Instructor 3:00pm-4:00pm 3:00pm-4:00pm

All after school programs are FREE for Ánimo Leadership students grades 9-12. Free nutrition meals provided daily at 3:05pm in the Quad for all students.

Monthly Calendar

Big Bear Camping Trip

Spring Paint Day

Saint Patrick's Day Painting

After School

Chinese New Year

Gingerbread House Party

Holiday Celebrations

Students vs. Staff Volleyball Game

Fiestas Patrias Celebration

Law Enforcement Safety Class

arc Football Tournament

Karaoke Contest

arc Basketball Tournament

Color Run

arc Students

Teen Adventure Challenge

Summer & Enrichment Opportunities

Many summer programs are available for students to pursure addtional experience and learning. Some of the programs are free and many target minority students. They are also a great way to show extra dedication on your college applications. In addition to the resources listed here, you can search for summer programs using TeenInk and

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