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Ánimo Leadership Charter High School is a charter high school located in the community of Lennox- just south of Inglewood, California. Our charter was approved by the Lennox School District in 1999 and the school currently has students enrolled in grades 9 through 12.


"It's an awesome school academically, the size, everything! My students are involved with sports, with after school programs. This year they started Driver's Ed. They have a study hall. They have Hispanic Heritage Group. Both of my students are considering college, and the main reason why they're in this school is because Ánimo Leadership prepares students in every possible way to succeed in college and be prepared for the next phase of life."



Ánimo Leadership Charter High School is located in south Inglewood, a mile east of Los Angeles International Airport. Opened in 2000, the school rapidly became one of the most successful schools in California and is consistently ranked in the top 100 public high schools in the nation according to US World and News Report.

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About Green Dot

Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help transform public education so ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership and life.

Unique in the nation for a major non-profit charter management organization, Green Dot is proving it can achieve better student outcomes with the same student population, lower per pupil funding than the district and a unionized workforce. We are the leading charter school operator in Los Angeles and one of the top three largest in the nation.

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Ánimo Leadership Charter High School

11044 S Freeman Ave
Inglewood, CA 90304

Phone: (323) 565-4420

Fax: (323) 565-4421

Principal: Catherine Perez-Morales