Meet Our Principal

Welcome to Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School (AJR)!

A part of the Green Dot Public Schools California network, we are a charter high school established in July 2006 with a mission of transforming the way young adults are educated in the inner city of South Los Angeles. To date, we have had 14 graduating classes of approximately 145 students each, while our current enrollment is approximately 630 students in grades 9-12. Demographically, we serve a population of low income minority students, most of whom will become first generation college students. 

Our intention is to continue working to carry out our school mission and to provide an education for our community that will equip our resilient, self-reliant, and compassionate students with the skills necessary for success in college, career, and their adult lives.

In our brief history, we have been able to establish an authentic, family environment, where students and adults feel that they are part of a community aimed at nurturing their success. 

AJR offers a comprehensive college-preparatory academic program. All students are enrolled in courses that meet the A-G requirements for the California State University/University of California college systems. We also offer a comprehensive Special Education program and a substantial intervention program for struggling learners. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have established a safe, nurturing yet challenging, academic environment for all students, especially our students with special needs, who have been able to succeed academically throughout our history, including being accepted at and enrolling in California State universities and local community colleges.

As Principal of Animo Jackie Robinson going on for eight years, I am both proud and humbled by the accomplishments of our students and teachers. I encourage anyone to come and visit our school, get to know our community and join the family. As all our alumni state with pride: “Once a Monarch, always a Monarch!”

Thank you,

Kristin Botello


Our Team

We care about our students and community, and we are proud to serve all students. 

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Name Title
Alva-Rodriguez, Edward Math Teacher
Apostolakis, Christina Assistant Principal
Arauz, Vania Spanish Teacher
Botello, Kristin Principal
Briones, Jazmin Parent Coordinator
Bryant, Joseph Social Science Teacher
Canonigo, Christina English Teacher
Cisneros, James Instructional Aide
Davis, Kristen Special Education Teacher
Esquivel, Jose Math Teacher
Flores, Nancy Assistant Principal
Fossler, Jonathan Science Teacher
Gama, Erwin Math Teacher
Garcia, Armando English Teacher
Gomez, Frida Math Teacher
Gonzalez, Jasmin Social Science Teacher
Gutierrez, Landy Counselor
Hernandez, Eunice Instructional Aide
Hernandez, Bryan English Teacher
Hernandez, Erik English Teacher
Higgins, Jacob Physical Education Teacher
Jimenez, Stephannie Science Teacher
Kopera, Rachel Art Teacher
Laguna, Raquel English Teacher
Lee, Deanna Science Teacher
Livingston, Diana Clinical Supervisor
Logan, Daveon College Success Advisor
Lopez, Luis Social Science Teacher
Lovo, Xavier Counselor
Manua, Ina Mae Special Education Teacher
McClendon, Jamila Office Assistant
Menchaca, Paulo Spanish Teacher
Muniz, Liz School Psychologist
Pozo, Maria Special Education Teacher
Rabanales Reyes, Zeida Math Teacher
Ramos, Carlos English Teacher
Richards, Joseph Special Education Teacher
Rivera, Analisa Instructional Aide
Rivera, Steven Instructional Aide
Rodriguez, Fatima Math Teacher
Saldana, Maritza Social Science Teacher
Sugden, Ed Social Science Teacher
Tevaga, Mavis Special Education Teacher
Velasquez, Eddie School Operations Manager
Vita, Kiese English Teacher