About Us

Ánimo Compton Charter School is a public span school located in Compton, California.  ACCS serves students in the community of Compton by offering high-quality public education. High quality means that any student at any point can achieve and be successful in college, career and life.

Our teachers make the difference.

At Ánimo Compton, we know that every child's path to success is unique, and it's up to us as educators to help your student find his or hers.  Our teachers don't want to just get students into college and careers--they want them to thrive at every stage of life. Maintaining a focus on growth in every classroom practice and achievement assessment helps propel students to long-term success and prosperity.

"If a parent walked up to me and wanted to know why they should enroll their student at Ánimo Compton, I would say that the leadership here is phenomenal. It makes me feel like they care about our students' future. If you have the best teachers, you can get the best students."



Ánimo Compton opened in August 2018, starting with our first sixth grade class. Beginning in 2019, Ánimo Compton will serve grades 6-8 and will roll up to a full 6-12th grade school year by year.

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About Green Dot

Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help transform public education so ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership and life.

Unique in the nation for a major non-profit charter management organization, Green Dot is proving it can achieve better student outcomes with the same student population, lower per pupil funding than the district and a unionized workforce. We are one of the top three largest charter operators in the nation.

Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education

Our public education system was always meant to be the great equalizer in this country — the way by which all our children could pursue the bright future they deserve. Green Dot aims to deliver on this promise.

We believe schools make the different for students, and we see our work as critical to preparing the next generation of leaders to take on the challenges of our future. It is Green Dot’s promise to help every student grow into the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

Ánimo Compton Charter School

13305 San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90061

Phone: (323) 565-4415