Schools begin with distance learning on August 12. We're providing digital learning & devices for every student. // Nuestras escuelas comienzan con aprendizaje a distancia el 12 de agosto. Aprendizaje digital y dispositivos para cada estudiante.

Ánimo Compton Charter School

Lead and learn with us as we grow to 12th grade.


(323) 565-4415

13305 San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA 90061

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A Message from our Principal, Chaleese Norman

Ánimo Compton is what school should be. At ACCS, our students grow. Your student will grow--your student will grow into a leader ready to go to college and achieve in life beyond school.

At Ánimo Compton, we focus on growth because no student is the same, and no student starts school from the same place, and it’s up to us to provide the kind of high quality education that can get them where they need to go. 

Student success isn’t a destination — it’s a journey that begins as soon as a student walks through the doors of Ánimo Compton.

Our rigorous college-prep curriculum measures not just how high a student scores but how far they’ve come to achieve those scores. We want our students to cultivate skills and qualities that prepare them for success in college and life beyond, and focusing on student growth is the best way for us to accomplish this as educators.

Our Teachers Make The Difference. Every child’s path to success is unique and it’s up to us as educators to help your kid find his/hers. Our teachers don’t want to just get students into college and careers—they want them to thrive at every stage of life. Maintaining a focus on growth in every classroom practice and achievement assessment helps propel students to long-term success and prosperity.

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Notices of Public Hearing

May 6, 2020

Notice of Public Hearing for the 2020-21 El Dorado Charter SELPA Annual Budget and Service Plans. A public hearing will take place at the CEO Council Meeting on May 21, 2020, via Zoom. Copies of the Annual Budget and Service Plans will be available at the SELPA office after May 21, 2020, and can be…

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Ánimo Compton Charter School

13305 San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90061

Phone: (323) 565-4415