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We’re your Green Dot Public Schools California communications team, and we’re looking forward to help you advance any and all of your communication goals. We offer several helpful services, for budgets big and small, including:

  • Blog and Media Coverage 
  • Photography (in-house and contract)
  • Videography (in-house and contract)
  • Design (in-house and contract)
  • Copywriting
  • Social media training & support
  • Media relations
  • Website support and modifications

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Meet The Team


Maxwell Kangkolo, Director of Communications and Marketing

Maxwell has spent his career working with companies and individuals to harness the potential of great storytelling and production to drive positive impact toward a more diverse, equitable and inspiring future. He is the currently the Director of Communications of Marketing at Green Dot Public Schools California.
He has worked with some of the world’s leading brands to enhance their brand strategy and storytelling with clients such as Adidas, AJAX, Airbus, BMW, GSMA, Ooredoo, Porsche, Westbrook, National Geographic, World Bank and more. You can reach Maxwell at [email protected].

Christina Semaan, Editorial Manager and Content Creator

Christina is an experienced journalist and copywriter. She began her career freelancing for the VCReporter before joining Scorpion, where she created content for diverse clients including law firms, hospitals, and franchises. In addition to strong writing skills, Christina brings project management experience and a talent for cross-functional collaboration.You can reach Christina directly at [email protected].


Jasmin Nunez, Digital Content Specialist

Jasmin Nunez joined the Green Dot Public Schools California team in 2022. She has a background in design and social media management. You can reach Jasmin directly at [email protected].


Elyse Bartelmey, Visual Content Specialist

Elyse Bartelmey joined the Green Dot Public Schools California team in late 2022. Her past experience includes managing social media for a yacht charter company. You can reach Elyse at [email protected].


Profile Pic of Dominique-Web Designer

Dominique Seraphin, Web Designer

Dominique Seraphin joined the Green Dot Public Schools California team in 2024. His past experience includes 5 years of managing e-commerce website for a retail company. He has a passion for developing and coding. You can reach Dominique at [email protected].