Clubs & Activities

For the 2017-18 school year and beyond, AFF offers after-school activities through ARC. Students should see the ARC coordinator for a list of current clubs, sports, leadership, and tutoring options.

Summer Enrichment Opportunities


Program Name



Weingart YMCA Wellness and Aquatic Center

Residential Camps

Day Camps

Sports -Swim and basketball, training,teams, lessons, etc.

Enrichment - Dance,

El Camino College - Kid's College

Academic - Math, English, Science Classes

Enrichment - Dance, Music


Los Angeles Southwest College Young Scholars Summer Camp Youth Program

Day camp

Academic tutoring and enrichment classes

LA Kids - Department of Parks and Recreation

Summer sports camp (basketball, softball, and soccer) - students are coached, participate in a team, and receive free uniforms

Cultural Classes

Watts / Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club

Arts, Athletics, Academic, and Character Leadership classes

Boys and Girls Club of Carson

Arts, Athletics, Academic, and Character Leadership classes

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